If you or someone you love has been involved in a serious accident, whether it’s a car, motorcycle or truck accident or medical malpractice case, personal injury super lawyer Dan Newlin is the lawyer you want to take your case. Newlin is an aggressive trial lawyer who earned the honor of being in the elite group of Superlawyers in 2012, for his work in his Orlando and Chicago offices.

Unparalleled Career

Dan Newlin began his career in law as a police officer in Illinois. After several years, he transferred to the Orlando Sheriff’s Department in Florida where he excelled. Soon after moving, Mr. Newlin was promoted to detective where he earned honors for investigative work. His displayed his talent in detailed research and developing the case, as he entertained the idea of practicing law.

Dan graduated from the Florida State Law School in 2000 and soon afterward opened a law firm in Kississimmee. In 2013, he opened his second office that serves the Chicago area. Dan Newlin is proud to benefit the communities by helping average citizens with their legal problems.

What separates Dan Newlin from the majority of attorneys is the unique perspective of seeing every situation from both sides police officer and detective. As an intense, aggressive trial attorney, he represents his clients in court with research from an expert legal team along with his excellent skills as a trial lawyer; he provides a strong presence in the courtroom that cannot be ignored as he examines every detail for his client. Attorney Dan Newlin is dedicated to his clients and obtain successful compensation in their cases.

Several top personal injury compensations that he has been successful in recently are:

1) A $100 million settlement for a teen who was shot in the head by a gang member who was fleeing a home invassion. She has been in a coma since 2012 when the shooting occured.
2) for an off-duty Orange County police officer was shot and killed in a robbery, and Mr. Newlin securd a $24 million verdict for his wife and three children.
3) $3.3 Million was won for the client who was given the inappropriate medication and as the result suffered from cardiac arrest, which resulted in severe brain injury.

Attorney Newlin has real compassion for his clients who have had to suffer these treadgedies and others like them, but he also knows that he has the expereince and knowledge to obtain the best results from the negligent defendants. He also knows that no amount of money can right these wrongs, but he is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for the clients in his community..

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