Did you know that Sussex Healthcare goes beyond just helping seniors and the disabled? They are dedicated to helping anyone who suffers from a disability of any kind.

Shariz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina came up with this idea when they opened their first facility which has now turned into 20 different buildings. People with learning disabilities now have a place to go and get the help they need.

Did you know that Sussex offered a facility for children with autism and other issues. Treehouse Educare is design for children seven to 19 years of age that are suffering from any mental disorder. With several locations, there is more than enough room to accommodate all of them. There is the Farmhouse, Clockhouse, and Cottages. All of them are located on a 100 acres of land. Children living in theses quarters will recieve their education from New Barn School which offers a 52 week curriculum. That means that they are in school most of the year. Also, the children have a structured wake up schedule. This is good. Most children with learning disabilities need a structured routine in order to get through their day. Sussex Healthcare recognizes that and goes out of their way to make sure the children are safe and are getting what they need.

If you know someone with profound and multiple learning disability, Sussex Healthcare can handle that too. The care given is centered around the person. Every specialist facility that needs to be utilized within the network to help the patient is used. The Profound Education Team works diligently to help anyone suffering from PMLD to find a good college to get into and provides exucational outreach programs. These patients get to learn how to do their own shopping and how to deal with problems that keep them from enjoying their lives. Of course, the goal is for them to function on their own.

If you know someone who could benefit from what Sussex Healthcare offers, you should get them to the facility. They need the help. Sussex Healthcare is always there to lend a helping hand.

Check more about Sussex Healthcare: http://medicaldailytimes.com/health-news/sussex-healthcare-celebrating-25-years-care/3710/

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