Alicia Winkle, a seasoned Talkspace therapist, believes that it is impossible for a client to get value out of their therapy if the therapist does not provide a safe and affirming space. She deeply admires Carl Rogers, who inspired her views on active listening and providing a space where the client can feel free to express themselves without fear of judgment. After severe anxiety affected her schooling and career, Alicia resolved to get her Masters degree in Community Counseling in order to treat others with the same problems.

It’s important to have a therapist who truly experienced mental illness for themselves. There is a serious stigma surrounding depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Both in society and on the media, people with depression are seen as incapable of being functional human beings capable of stable employment or successful relationships. Depression can be seen as a weakness instead of a mental illness that should be treated like any other kind of malady. This stigma can be life-threatening, as it can stop people from seeking the help they need.

Talkspace is a good alternative for people who are priced out of traditional therapy. The cost of Talkspace is just $25 a week as opposed to upwards of $50 per weekly session for in-person treatment. It also offers things that traditional therapy cannot such as 24-hour access to a virtual room where you can express thoughts via text, voice recording, or a video to a licensed medical professional.

The clinician, chosen for patients after they complete intake forms and requesting that certain things be taken into consideration, is credentialed in the patient’s state and is often has private practice clients along with their Talkspace client load. Talkspace provide therapy to couples as well as individuals.

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