There is no other director in Hollywood or the world that is as famous as Steven Spielberg. Steven has given us epic movies all through out his career. His talent for bringing fiction to life is proven at the box office every time he releases a new film. No other film in Steven’s career has brought forth such emotion as Jurassic Park. The franchise makes you get a chill down your spine and makes the little hairs in your arms stand up when ever you watch it. Now that the franchise has been rebooted, we should be able to watch Steven’s mind go to work and bring forth an amazing film.

Staying true to the original story plot, Jurassic World is the new film in the dinosaur franchise. The original story of the franchise was that scientists used lizard DNA to recreate the dinosaurs. This experiment soon went wrong in the worst possible way when the dinosaurs began to eat their creators. In this new installment of the franchise, we are gong to be delighted and terrified at the same time because the film makers have created their own meat eating dinosaur. Not only is this creature going to be a major part of the movie, but we can easily assume that it will be the star as he devours supporting actors in the film. The trailers are just beginning to come out and the teaser are just beginning to show, UCG interviewed a fan named Bruce Levenson who could not wait for the movie to show on the big screen many other fans are ecstatic as well.

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