Famous fashion photographer Terry Richardson follows in the footsteps of his equally famous father Bob Richardson after a tumultuous childhood, although Terry has forged his own trail. Growing up in urban areas of Europe and the United States, Terry saw a lot of the jet set his parents were attached to in Paris, New York City, London and Los Angeles. He also stayed with his mother and stepfather after her divorce from Bob and was a resident of Woodstock at a time when his youthful attributes were very likely shaped by his experience. Originally setting out to be a Punk Rock band member, Terry came to photography when his mother gave him a camera and stayed with it ever since.

His career was launched by a black and white shoot he did for Vibe magazine, during which he parted company with his father, and that he’s talked about on Tumblr. They had been working as a father and son team. Terry wanted to do it alone, and sadly his father expressed little faith in his son’s ability to do so, although Terry proved him wrong. His father was haunted by bouts of schizophrenia. Terry sought to capture the “electric moment” in his work, and the stark realism of his portraiture stands out remarkably on the covers of magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Rolling Stone, even being a regular contributor to GQ.

There is scarcely a famous contemporary figure anywhere that he has not photographed, to include President Barak Obama.

Terry Richardson is primarily known for his fashion portraiture, which will soon be prominently displayed in Playboy magazine on February 14, 2015. But on his own time, he is a landscape artist also. With his camera he can be seen in New York City snapping photographs of interesting scenes and avoiding portraits. He says that he must always record visually the world he lives in, and breathes his art. He is best known for his fashion portraits, and his hallmark is to pose the model in a frank and open moment before a plain white wall, and photograph using a flash.

Terry appears himself and may be the author of the “selfie” in many of his works and is hard to miss. A lean man wearing over-sized black plastic glasses, muttonchop sideburns and a widows peak hairstyle, he has tattoos on his forearms frequently displayed with rolled up sleeves of casual clothes. Said to be very shy, he found relief for past drug issues by posing himself in the nude in many of his own portraits, with the hope of making both himself and his models more comfortable in nude shoots.

Terry Richardson has overcome many obstacles to launch a strong and vigorous artistic career, wherein he had redefined standards for artistic photography despite what his critics say. No one can argue that he does not put himself into his work, and with Terry nothing is held back. His is the work of the soul.

You have to check out his Terrywood book, and also the photographs that he’s most famous for in the Lady Gaga photoshoot.

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