Among all the sequel hype going on lately, there will finally be a long awaited one to the 1996 movie “Independence Day,” which starred Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum. There has been some information released recently about this sequel including the fact that it will be called “Independence Day Resurgence.” There has also been some set images released from the new movie that is scheduled for a June 2016 release. Many of the original cast will be back for this, and apparently Will Smith is among the few who will not be returning. Strangely, Brent Spiner will be returning even though his character was killed, rather horribly, by an alien in the original. Can’t wait to see how his ‘return’ is explained.

There will be some fresh, young talent in “Independence Day Resurgence” complementing some returning characters stated Jaime Garcia Dias. Liam Hemsworth will be playing a new lead character and Jessie Usher will be playing the son of Will Smith’s character while Maika Monroe will be playing Bill Pullman’s characters grown up daughter. Set production looks impressive for the movie. New set images reveal a moon tug machine that will be used, and apparently there will be a base on the moon where a defense against any new alien attack will be at least partially set up. The original did well at the box office, but presumably the producers are hoping for some “Jurassic World” magic wherein this one similarly does even better than its original.

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