Glen Wakeman is well known for his entrepreneurial and mentoring spirit, and as a business revolutionist. In his career, he has worked with developing mergers and acquisition firms, provided guidance to startup companies and created new performance criteria to assist in cultural change. Glen Wakeman holds a master’s degree in finance and an undergraduate degree in economics.

On a typical day, starts his day by reviewing the cash totals, sales and service performance of the previous day. He then goes for a conference call with his partners where they divide the duties of the day, such as paying the bills, managing administrative tasks, design revisions and sales meetings. Next, he researches on different topics, like competitor and customer trends, before responding to inquiries and making changes to long-term plans for his businesses. Glens reiterates that the key to success when handling these many responsibilities in a day is division of labor.


Entrepreneurial Leader

Glen is popular for his proven five-step performance strategy that focuses on execution, leadership, human capital, risk management and governance. As a successful writer and investor, Glen has inspired many on administrative strategies and fiscal economics. His vast experience in divestitures, corporate management and emerging markets show that he is a keen market strategist with insightful advice for executive-level leaders. He is also the founder and CEO of Nova four as well as LaunchPad Holdings.

Glen is an active participant of business global affairs, and as such, he highly values transformative business opportunities. He is also an advisor on international financing, angel investing and capital raising platforms. His passion on growth, development and innovation of businesses helped him build his capacity to hold different leadership positions worldwide, click this. During that time, Glen became a resident of six countries and was responsible for running operations in over 30 countries worldwide.

According to Glen, the reason behind most startup failures is lack of structure. He states that an entrepreneurial idea does not necessarily mean a plan in itself. It is for this reason that he founded the LaunchPad Holdings LLC to make it easier for new entrepreneurs to plan on how to grow their ideas.


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