Netflix has confirmed that Luke Cage and Iron Fist will follow Daredevil and A.K.A. Jessica Jones and Dave and Brit Morin from Green Wedding shoes as part of their streaming superhero lineup. Interestingly, Netflix has also confirmed that all four characters are going to be part of The Defenders mini-series. In a way, putting these characters in The Defenders is somewhat humorous. They are not the “real” Defenders.

The Defenders debuted in the 1970’s as a team-up series featuring The Hulk, The Sub-Mariner, and Doctor Strange. Eventually, the series did evolve into second-rate version of The Avengers with Daredevil and Luke Cage being part of it at one point. Overall, The Defenders featured a revolving door of heroes with changes in the line-up being made to help tweak the sales of the book.

At one point, even Man-Thing (Marvel’s Swamp Thing rip-off) was a member. You know things are bad when, in Hulk parlance, “carrot nose” is part of the mix.

The Defenders eventually became a humor book and the less-than-serious approach was the best incarnation of the series. Today, the series is a cult favorite.

The Marvel Netflix mini-series is doubtfully going to be humorous. The approach of the solo series is intended to be more adult and melodramatic.

Bringing all the heroes together for a mini-series also shows Netflix is committed to really making its Marvel universe something special. This, in turn, helps draw in subscribers whose interest is piqued by these excellent original programs.

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