Ken Griffin has supported the Harvard College financially by ensuring all undergraduates who needed the help. The Financial Aid Office at the college is using his name as a way of recognizing his efforts. The college fraternity gathered outside the building to appreciate and honor the impact of the gift on the many generations. The Harvard President thanks him for transforming the lives of many learners in this institute. This donation helped in achieving the long-standing objectives of Harvard that aimed at transforming the institute into an affordable school.

Harvard College established a project called Harvard Financial Aid Initiative in 2004 to promote the existing financial assistance offerings. The program aimed at reaching all students from homes that have an income of below $65,000 but the range is expanding within the recent years. Currently, more than 60 percent of the students receive financial assistance from the Institute. This has ensured no student graduates with debt or fails to sit for the exams. Applying for the bursary takes simple steps, and once the management approves that the student is needy, they get the aid. Many learners use this opportunity to achieve their academic goals despite their household financial position.

Ken Griffin on citadel sees this program as a life changing opportunity to the needy learners. HFAI is a gift that will make sure the brightest and the best candidates from across the world get a chance to experience the same as the other students from well up families. No discrimination applies when awarding this gift to the applicants. The officials only look at the financial background of the bright student and distribute the available funds depending on the case of each learner. The financial aid has made him a hero in this college and all students, and the entire fraternity honors him for his kind act.

A year after completing his studies at Harvard, Griffin founded the Citadel. Citadel is a financial institute serving the entire world and manages billions of money in investment capital. He went ahead and established the Leadership Challenge. This firm works toward encouraging other sponsors to offer financial support to the needy students in Harvard College. The admission committee at Harvard has shown their support for the program by selecting students based on their achievements and merits without considering their ability to pay the college costs. This makes it possible to admit the brightest and best students from any part of the world without looking at their financial capacity. The mission has gone through due to the kindness and generosity of the donors and the significant commitment of the school management.

Ken Griffin is among the longtime financial supporters at the college. His passion for helping other students led to him founding the support group immediately after his graduation. He has started several programs all with an aim of promoting activities in the institution. Ken has made it possible for many scholars to fulfill their goals of studying at Harvard. The goal of Harvard is to attract brightest students for them to attain excellence and be better persons in society.

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