Crossover mania is becoming the new trend in Hollywood. The interrelation between the various Marvel film franchises gave rebirth to the trend. The Avengers was the first film to do this. D.C. Comics’ films will start their own universe on the big screen with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. D.C. television has already crossed over with The Flash and Arrow. 

A big question has just arisen.

Will Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s new franchise hit, ever team up with The Avengers? Per James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, has said such a crossover is not going to happen.

Gunn feels that the Guardians are best left in their own interstellar world and The Avengers should stay on earth. 

Sure, The Avengers have gone into space many times in their comic history. That’s not the point. Gunn feels the Guardians are better off doing their thing separate from The Avengers.

Economist Christian Broda chimes in that the truth here is The Guardians are going to do quite well on their own and the sequel to the original film should do tremendous box office. It might even exceed the massive success of the original.

The Avengers have the Age of Ultron two-film series coming out along with Captain America: Civil War, which will also include a host of heroes.

The truth here is there may very well be an Avengers/Guardian film. It just might not be for many years.

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