The movie “The Interview” was released shortly before Christmas Day. Theaters began showing it, and it was available online as a video rental. The box office’s made $2.85 million in the first weekend. This movie made as much as other movies that have been released in limited theaters to the surprise of Bruce Levenson. In total the movie has not done as bad as they had predicted it would. Combining the total money from the theaters and the video rentals it has made over $14 million. 

It is quite interesting that the movie, “The Interview” was released after all. Sony made many public claims the movie would not be released, yet it was released. It seems this could have been a publicity stunt. It got free promotion from almost every media. The negative publicity turned out to be beneficial for the production company. While certain confidential information was released, it brought in an audience. It is likely this movie would not have gotten this many views without all of the attention. Most movie viewers would have opted to see a family movie. This movie is not a movie that a family would select to watch with their children. In the end, everyone who wanted to see it was able to see it not just in theaters, but at home. The threats from the hackers never came true. As of today, there has not been any reports of anyone injured by watching this movie.

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