Lip Balms are making a strong combat thanks to some revolutionary products that has hit the market over the past few years. These items were mostly known as an inconvenience by most people that lacked style and flavor. The 21st Century is upon us and there is one brand that stands out from the rest.

Evolution of Smooth is the brand of choice and it’s quickly become one of the highest rated lip balm products available today. For more of the products, hit on this.  Why you may be asking yourself? The company uses organic and natural ingredients which is great for overall lip health and destroys any side effects which plagues the other brands. Benefits of use comes in many forms such as moisture control, uva/uvb protection, paraben free, gluten free, and ease of use. Try clicking on for the needed details.

The brand has many unique applicators to choose from and they all have style. One of the best features from this product line is the nice tasty flavors. These flavors are subtle and sweet instead of the strong synthetics that could pass as perfumes with their heavy scents. Evolution of Smooth has the right balance of smell, taste, and healing which can be used all year long if needed. Do you like exotic or eclectic flavors? Are you tired of boring and bland tastes? Check out what the brand has to offer below.

  1. Wildberry
  2. Passion Fruit
  3. Summer Fruit
  4. Blackberry Nectar
  5. Coconut Milk
  6. Raspberry Pomegranate
  7. Cherry
  8. Sweet Mint
  9. Blueberry Acai
  10. Watermelon

That’s just to name a few to get your attention, but the brand has many more to choose from. Useful link on  Protect your lips with the best in the business while enjoying the soft and subtle taste of Heaven.

Click  for more information, products, and pictures.


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