You may have heard of a popular beauty regimen tool called Shea Butter. What exactly is shea butter, you may ask? Well it is simply a fat extracted from the African Shea Tree. This skin superfood is known to moisturize the skin. This skin regimen is naturally rich in vitamins and even offers a bit of UV protection. Though it is used mostly for moisturizaton purposes, there are several other uses for shea butter as well.

One beneficial use for some would be it’s antiflammatory uses. Those who suffer from acne can use products with shea butter to reduce swelling and inflammation from cystic acne. Shea butter also aids the skins natural collagen production and works as an anti-aging remedy. It’s ability to nourish skin exceeds that of many other skincare products, and it even improves the skins elasticity. A lot of women use shea butter after their pregnancy to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. points out that shea butter is one of the most versatile natural products used for beauty purposes. Many times, shea butter is used in lip balms, or even made solely out of shea butter. It is also known to serve hair health purposes. You will find shea butter in many hair care products. If you spend alot of time in the sun, you have may purchased an after sun care lotion product-that is likely to have contained shea butter. Shea butter is also used in many baby care products, because it is so natural and sensitive to the skin. The uses for Shea butter are endless, and all super beneficial to your skin health.

One brand that specializes in using Shea’s butter is Eugenia Shea. This company offers many different products that contain this miracle nourisher and they are featured on their website. They offer three different formulas: pregnancy strength Shea butter, dermatological strength Shea butter and Everyday Shea butter. For extra strength moisturizing you will want the dermatological variety.

These products are all natural products that will aid you in restoring the moisturization of your skin. Eugenia Shea butters varieties help to point you in the right direction of the right product for you. With so many uses for Shea butter, it seems like a skincare remedy you should probably keep around. Check out Eugenia Shea today, and discover what your skin could look and feel like with the proper nourishment.

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