Lip balm is great in many situations. If you have OCD or Obssessive Compulsive Disorder, like me, I cannot stand when my lips are dry or cracked looking. It comes in handy when your at the beach waiting for your spouse to snap that gleaming picture of you, and you need something to make your lips pop while looking flavorful. Or when your taking that walk in the park and know everyone will be staring in your face. You always want to be prepared. So, what happens when your lip balm fails you?

There is a product out called Evolution of Smooth “EOS” Lip Balm, you may more info thru watching This company and it’s extensive product line is committed to releasing their Carbon Footprint to become more ECO-friendly. In doing so, they have found that the lip balm we use for our lips is really damaging. Think about the health risks this could have to our kids, for a product that’s absorbed into the bloodstream. With EOS Lip Balm that is a thing of the past! I use this lip balm myself. I wake everyday and realize how much smoother my lips are than the day before. They look livelier and more vibrant. With its all natural ingredients including, Shea Butter and Vitamin E inside penetrating my lips, I now knew they were well cared for. Other products use petroleum and paraben which are both harmful if ingested in the human body. EOS is paraben and petroleum free! Read more here on

What is my favorite flavor you ask? Strawberry Sorbet and Summer Fruit. They are tied. I love Strawberry Sorbet because I love strawberries. And with loving strawberries, well you know it could get a little outrageous, but this EOS is worth every attempt. I know that sounds so goofy, but what would you do? My second favorite is Summer Fruit especially during the summer. It brings out more of a summer feel than Strawberry. Strawberry I use during Spring or Fall.

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