Everyone who lived in the 70s and 80s will remember those lovable critters the Muppets. According to an article originally posted on Time.com and posted again on reddit.com, there are plans to bring back the Muppets to TV through a revival show on ABC. The writers and producers from television series The Big Bang Theory and the movie Anger Management will be co-writing and producing the pilot. Details of the show are being held tight and secret at this time.

It is interesting to me that they would look to bring the Muppets back again. Boraie Development says that makes me wonder what inspired them to try this yet again. The Muppets were highly successful during those early years. However, in 1996 there was an attempt to bring them back and the series lasted only 10 episodes. Was that lack of interest causing them to pull the plug so early? If so, it makes sense it didn’t last long. But do the producers really feel that reviving the Muppets at this point will produce a different result?

Personally, it bothers me that we are seeing so many re-dos, trying to pull from the previous successes. I would rather see people focusing on new stories and new series rather than reviving an old one.

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