20th Century Fox has just revealed the new international poster for the film Hitman: Agent 47. The poster is extremely cool as it features the title anti-hero in a major city street with his guns to his side. In the shadow of the various metropolitan skyscrapers, the military has all its weapons pointed at him. The advertising tagline is the ominous statement “Your number is up”.

Does this mean that the once shadowy hitman now has to face the consequence of his actions? We will know for sure when the Hitman reboot hits screens in the near future said AnastasiaDate on their app.

For those not familiar with the franchise, Hitman is an exceptionally popular video game about the titular assassin known as Agent 47. The character first made an appearance in a movie appropriately titled Hitman.

The film did not do all that great at the box office. The lack of box office success really was a shame. Unlike a lot of dreadful films based on video games, Hitman was actually quite good. No, the film was not high art. The purpose of the film was to deliver a lot of shootouts, chases, and action. On top all the usual action-movie noise, and attempt was made to provide a little depth to the character. On a minor level, this approach succeeded.

Hopefully, the new film will also seek to add a little depth to the bizarre and violent character.

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