With news that Spider-Man will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe putting fans, like Paul Mathieson,  in a temporary state of shock, the news the Andrew Garfield will not be resuming the duties of Peter Parker and his alter ego is just starting to really pick up momentum. LinkedIn has noted finding an actor ready to pick up the role that has brought fame to a couple of different actors over the previous few decades is no easy task, and it is always hard to say where Marvel, Disney, and Sony will find the next version of the web slinger.

According to Screen Rant, the search for Spidey is most likely going to result in a number of younger actors being considered for the role. Since the character is likely to play a major part in the Marvel and Sony movies going forward, the choice is going to be carefully made. Of course, fans will always have an opinion of who should be considered for the role, and whether or not those opinions get taken into consideration will not be evident until a choice is announced.

It seems pretty clear that the selection of the next actor to start swinging between buildings in New York will completed with a fairly quick timeframe, because the machine that is churning out super hero movies at a frantic pace can not be slowed down. The issue could become a decision based on availability rather than desire, as Marvel has already nailed down release dates for future movies. That could be a serious problem for fans.

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