After watching the¬†‘Game of Thrones’¬†finale on Sunday, fans were left in awe by the events that took place. Through a bumpy ride, trying to tie in all the stories into one season, the writers had finally reached the season finale. The drama and cliffhangers, all created by the writer, have not only shocked the fans but having everyone want to know what happens next. The season 5 finale had over 8.1 million views which increased one at least a million from the season 4 finale.

Between the ages 18 to 49, this show has increased many fan members and fellow ‘Game of Thrones’ geeks. Many at Handy watch it and talk about it during the week. Now the only question is what will season 6 bring and will it be even more over the top than season 5. Luckily these questions will all be answered soon as season 6 is already underway.

After the season 5 finale, many people were enraged by the outcome. However, there has reportedly been a record number of followers who will stick around four season 6 and what it will bring. Many viewers of the show are probably also dreading season 6 because of George RR Martin’s reputation of killing off popular main characters.

There is so much involved with this complicated story from political intrigue to an army of the undead. Although many have been disappointed by the show distancing itself from the book, people are waiting to see what will be next.

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