To infinity and – back to the big screen? With Toy Story 4 slated for a 2017 release it certainly looks that way. The news was released last summer but tidbits of information of the plot are just now starting to make their way to the fans. In a story seen here, Pixar President Jim Morris said that the new film will be a stand alone story. Flavio Maluf says that he feels that the trilogy finished on the perfect note, a sentiment that is shared with many fans of the films.

The new story will move away from the toys’ relationship with their owner. In the original films it was all about how the toys felt about Andy, and how they would do anything to be with him. Since the end of the third movie and through the shorts and the television specials released in the years since, the story has focused more on how the toys interact with each other. Their new owner, Bonnie, is seldom seen or even referenced on screen. Morris went on to say that this new toy centric story would be a romantic comedy. Rashida Jones and William McCormack will be writing the screenplay for the film. This makes sense if it is a romantic comedy. The duo is well known for their work on the romantic dramady Celeste and Jesse Forever.

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