Heads ranks among the top 20 biggest agencies in Brazil that are domestically owned. The firm’s philosophy is to build an agency that is inspired by life. This means that the company is committed to work with a passion, originality as well as knowledge in a bid to gain in the widest sense of the world. Their business focus is aimed at offering an unlimited advertisement as per the eclectic seasons and need to contribute much further than the advertisement. The firm is connected to an environment that is converging and competitive. They are also on the belief that the original ideas are capable of creating a relationship and make them stronger between the client and the agency, but more importantly between the brands and the consumers.

A renowned investor who is also a professional lawyer, Claudio Loureiro, formed the company, Heads Propaganda. Loureiro also acts as the CEO of the company. His industrious character and innovating products in the field of advertising has made him to be on the front covers. Due to his numerous achievements, he has been awarded severally. This well-established entrepreneur has also gained popularity due to his great kindness and compassion for the poor. His great contribution to the Brazilian advertising industry has made him to be highly ranked.

The Heads Propaganda has been engaged in the advertisement industry in almost every known aspects. From the print advertising to the digital advertisement, the company has given all its best and this has seen its tremendous growth. The firm has taken advantage of the expansive communication infrastructure of the country that has made it to thrive. Brazil has a wide coverage of TVs and radio networks. Such infrastructures have made the firm to maximize on all the opportunities that are brought about by these mediums of communications.

Being among the largest technological hub within the region, the Brazilian digital platform gives a wide range of opportunities on advertising. The Heads Propaganda has ensured that it ceases the opportunities that have been provided therein. The firm has ensured full utilization of all the opportunities that are given by the digital platform to make advertisement and this has yielded great success. Great progress is being achieved owing to the company’s adoption of the latest technological methods in the field of advertisement. Its pronounced investment on advertisement on print media as well as the ever-growing chain marketing structure on the internet have also contributed to its exponential growth. It is through these methods that this firm has enhanced its productivity.

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