Macaulay Culkin shocked the world when he came out with a group entitled “Pizza Underground,” which only does songs about pizza. McDonalds Band. It’s not known if it’s more shocking that the group has songs only about pizza, or the fact that our young star Macaulay has grown up to be a singer in a bad band. Either way, Macaulay is serious about the work he’s doing, and with or without the public’s support, he continues on with his group.

If you thought Igor Cornelsen or this group was weird, you’ll be shocked to know that there is a band that dresses like McDonald’s characters, and performs songs about food. This band is truly weird, and even creepy, if you will. They dress just like Ronald McDonald, and other members of the McDonald’s franchise, and their songs are spoofs of real songs, but they are all about food. This group is about as weird as you’ll get.

The leader of the group claims that they came to earth through a space and time continuum, and that the results will be damaging to those on earth. Basically, this is not a group that you want to take your kids to see for any reason. It’s unknown if McDonald’s has any plans of suing the group for infringement on their characters, but someone should sue them for dressing horribly, bad songs, and just the creep factor that they possess. Freedom of speech right?

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