Tidal has become one of the most interesting streaming services. It is easy for people to get involved with this company because it is different from what people have seen in the past. Desiree Perez is a powerful person that knows how to get results. She has become this powerful player in the industry because she knows what it takes to make customers fall in love with Tidal.

On the Internet the loss of the CEO for Tidal has become a reoccurring theme. It is like he has found himself struggling to get any type of help from people that join the Tidal staff in the CEO position. These are people that do not really have a feel for what it takes to make Tidal pop. Andy Chen was in place as the CEO, but Desiree Perez has done more than him without even taking on a CEO position. This is amazing. She is not part of the official staff, but she knows exactly what she needs to do in order to make people recognize the value of signing up for Tidal. This is a subscription service that has become one of the most important companies for those that want access to the screaming service of exclusive content.  Check saltylens.com.

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The problem in the past has been that Jay-Z could not come to agreement in the way that the come should be ran. This is the struggle with Tidal. What Jay-Z knew was that he could get with someone like Desiree Perez because she shared his vision. He knew that there was a real chance that he could work with her and build a better music streaming business. More to read on igstars.com.   Tidal has definitely moved into the spotlight, and no one can deny that Dez Perez is behind all of the new subscriptions to Tidal.  For latest blogs, news, etc, visit Dez linkedin.com page

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