Tom Hardy Signed for Mad Max Sequels

Mad Max: Fury Road is set to be in theaters during the month of May. Ever since the trailer was released it has shown that it will be an epic action movie to start the summer off.

Tom Hardy has been assigned the leading role in the film, which helps with the idea that this film can kick start a rebooted series for the franchise. Even better for moviegoers is that Hardy is now signed on to do at least three more films in the series after this one. However the sequels in question greatly depend upon how well the current Mad Max film does at the box office once it’s released.

In spite of this, it was a rather wise decision on the part of WB Studios to plan ahead, since initial reception for the film has been positive and there’s been a ton of excitement from fans stated Brad Reifler. Judging by the reaction of fans as more trailers and information about the movie is released, the studios have less and less to worry about once the movie finally does hit theaters.

There is no true word on what the plot of the future movies would be, although a movie based on Charlize Theron’s character in the series was in the works named Furiosa. This will all depend on how well the reaction is to the current film.

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