On February 24th 2015, Tom Rothman replaced Amy Pascal as chairman of Sony Motion Picture Group. Amy Pascal changed positions at Sony because of the internet hacking scandal involved with “The Interview” movie. During the criminal hacking some emails which Amy Pascal thought were private became embarrassingly public. Amy Pascal apologizes for these emails that should have remained private. She is now working on new Sony projects such as the “Spider-man” series in a different division of the company. Working together transition between Amy Pascal and Tom Rothman will be a smooth one. Michael Lynton notes that Tom Rothman has the experience and knowledge of the business. Tom Rothman has worked on major blockbusters such as “Avatar” and “Titanic”. Besides working for Sony’s TriStar Productions he has experience with Fox Filmed Entertainment. At Fox Filmed Entertainment he helped obtain $40 billion in box office sales and 150 Academy Award nominations. Additionally he created Fox Searchlight an art-house label.

Michael Lynton, whose contract has been extended, will have Tom Rothman report directly to him. Tom Rothman while being the new studio head will continue to oversee TriStar Productions.

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