When Tony Petrello made the decision to join Nabors Industries he was really attracted to the company because of its philanthropic culture. This was important to Tony as he too is very passionate about giving back. As CEO he has made a concerted effort to show the community that Nabors is about more than drawing a profit. He realizes it is a popular belief that companies don’t care about helping to keep up the community and are contempt to just take from it. Tony and Nabors proved their dedication to keeping up Houston, Texas areas after the city was hit hard by Hurrican Harvey.

Many residents were left homeless after their homes were destroyed in the natural disaster. Streets were flooded and supplies were hard to find. Thankfully, prominent Houston businesses like Nabors Industries took responsibility to help repair the damage done.

Many Nabors employees participated in cleanup efforts. The drilling company thoroughly encourages employees to take part in community projects, fundraisers, and special events. employees even took off work after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Nabors started a fund to help with hands-on relief efforts. Tony Petrello donated a little over $170,000 of his own money to the fund.

About Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello made himself into a successful businessman from humble origins. Both os his parents were working class citizens in the state of New Jersey. He studied hard in high school and earned a scholarship to attend Yale University. He graduated from the prestigious university with BS and MS degrees in mathematics.

Still seeking out further education he enrolled in Harvard Law School in pursuit of a law degree. His first job was with law firm Baker & McKenzie. He left the firm in 1991 even though he had been promoted to a Managing Partner position.

It was while working at the law firm that a Nabors representative approached him with a job opportunity. He became COO soon after joining the company. In 2011 he was named CEO of the company.

Tony Petrello’s commitment to philanthropy is something to be admired. He has become heavily involved in funding neurological research efforts after his daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He is a member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees.

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