Antony and his wife Cynthia Petrello are active philanthropists and have donated $7 million to fund neurological research and have continued to show great personal commitment in leading more fundraising efforts. Cynthia and Tony were blessed with a prematurely born daughter, Carena, at only 24 months weighing only 20 ounces. Immediately after her birth, she was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, a neurological ailment affecting new-borns due to lack of sufficient oxygen and blood in the brain. This made Carena get cerebral palsy and has impaired her motor skills and other developmental delay concerns. This adversity has led the Petrellos to devote all their efforts to seek answers to ensure their child recovers and achieve a normal childhood developmental milestones.

Nevertheless, Carena has been making tremendous growth and has now mastered the art of chewing solid food. Cynthia elucidates that it took her many repetitions for her brain to understand and learn to eat, finally. Cynthia considers this a great miracle.

Tony Petrello, one of the highest paid CEOs and an affiliate of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees, clarified that they had explored several pediatric research Centers across the universe in search of answers for their daughter. He further explains that whenever the two heard of a new technological procedure in any part of the world, they will take Carena because as a parent even a two present chance of helping your child walk or talk is enough motivation.

Due to these extensive investigations, Mr. Petrello discovered that there was insufficient knowledge of the condition and most of the research centers focusing on brain study were mainly for adults and none for children. For this reason, the couple found that opportunity at Texas Children’s hospital where they created a Neurological Research Institute for kids to ensure that their child and other people children will reach their full potential.

About Tony Petrello
Antony Petrello, also referred to as Tony, is the President, CEO, and Chairman of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is an oil business company that works as a contract driller and offers oil-field services. Tony has worked in several executive positions at the company before moving up the ladder to his current posts. Before joining Nabors Industries, Mr. Petrello was working with the Baker & McKenzie law firm where he was responsible for taxation, international arbitration and general corporate law from 1979 t0 1991.

Tony Petrello has a strong educational background with two degrees. He graduated with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in mathematics from Yale University. Tony was a great math wiz in college, and everyone thought he would pursue a career in maths; however, he shocked many when he decided to go with law. Mr. Petrello attained his Juris Doctor degree at Harvard Law School.

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