Paul Mampilly holds approximately quarter a decade experience in investment whereby, he has held almost all his jobs in the finance areas. Paul’s career started in 1991 where he worked as a vice Portfolio Manager at Bankers Trustmark. Mampilly quickly progressed to higher ranks at the Deutsche Bank and ING where he was in charge of multimillion dollar accounts. In the year 2006, the founders of Kinetics Asset Management hired Mampilly to manage their hedge fund. Kinetics Company’s Assets, under Paul’s leadership, grew to $25 billion. That enabled the company to be named as World’s Best hedge funds by Barron’s.

Later, Paul Mampilly got an invitation to take part in the esteemed investment competition put up by Templeton Foundation. Paul made a remarkable investment return where, with an initial investment of $50million, he grew the investments to $88 million in a single year. The most impressive part is that Mr. Mampilly was able to achieve the significant gain during the financial crunch in the years 2008 and 2009. Despite Mampilly’s growth, Paul quit his position at Wall Street and decided to take an early retire and have more time with his family. Paul’s core reason for leaving was that he did not like the part where Wall Street only made money for the rich few.

Currently, instead of concentrating on making money for the rich, Paul is concentrating on assisting the common people to make returns from their investments. That is the reason why he has founded Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited newsletters.

When interviewed by ideamensch, Paul attests that having his priorities first is one his growth strategies. While in the publishing business, Paul Mampilly reveals you always have to put your readers first. If your core point is making money, your business could run down the drain in a short time as your customers should always be the priority. Always having your primacies in place will make your business successful. Another core strategy is ensuring you have a smooth working relationship with colleagues and working in teams.

Mr. Mampilly reveals that he uses LinkedIn web services a lot. He always ensures that his LinkedIn profile is always up-to-date and accurate. Paul says that LinkedIn allows him to have his profile in Public and update his professional life details to all the targeted audiences.

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