This has been the year of cinematic excellence with various big names ruling the box office. Even the past couple of months have produced some wonderful movies that fans are going to remember for a long time. The following are some amazing movies of 2014 that movie guru John Textor recommends:

• The Winter Soldier (Captain America) – Captain America finally tried to make his way into the world and tried to embrace it. However, before he could do that, he got a blast from the past.

• The Theory of Everything – Just when you thought Benedict Cumberbatch’s rendition of Stephen Hawking couldn’t be bettered, in came Eddie Redmayne with his best performance yet.

• The Imitation Game – This movie would be the highlight of Benedict Cumberbatch’s career or so the critics believe. Could he get an Oscar for his role of genius Alan Turing?

• The Fault in Our Stars – When fans found out that John Green’s bestselling book would be coming to the cinemas, they were nervous, but after watching the movie, everyone was relieved and happy. TFIOS has generated a lot of tears since it released.

• How to Train Your Dragon 2 – We didn’t think any dragon movie could be better than the first HTTYD but the sequel was even better – with more dragons, more riding and more fun!

• The Hobbit: 3 – This is the last installment of the Hobbit trilogy and is yet to be released in certain parts of the world, including the U.S. However, the reviews are in and it is going to be great.

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