Usually Wengie shares with us beauty techniques, secrets, and products, but today we are in for a real treat as we go on a tour of her gorgeous apartment! Wengie’s apartment is simply stunning, which comes at no surprise. She prefaces the tour by sharing information about what she has been up to, including a recent trip across the West coast of America.
On ward to the tour, she begins in her entry room with the kitchen to left and living room straight forward. A fluffy ball of cuteness greets Wengie and her viewers as she walks in. Right away we get a feel for how chic and refined her space is.
Wengie utilizes interesting furnishings like a double-latter shelf to create more storage space in her small apartment, while adding character to the space as well. She highlights a few of her favorite trinkets on the shelves including her Santorini perfume oil. Her living room also holds a simplistic grey ikea couch that she spices up with colorful throw pillows. Her study area is super cozy with sleek ikea furniture and storage. For some added beauty to really spruce up the space she decorates with potted plants and succulents (not actually real, but we’re not judging).
The room that really steals the show though is the sunroom. It is located just off the living room and has gorgeous full length windows. The room is bathed in natural light and has a great high-topped table that Wengie found at a cafe. The chic table is perfect for enjoying the great view! She also has a great cushion on the floor for lounging and lovely potted plants for added aesthetic appeal.
Her bathroom is quite simple but her bedroom is fit for a queen. In the corner of the room a gorgeous french style, tufted velvet chair sits elegantly. Across the room is a beautiful white vanity and at the center of the room is a chic bed draped in gold, silver, and soft pinks. The best part of the room though are the whimsical fairy lights draped across the wall!


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