Generosity comes in all ages. One little girl made sure that other children had gifts under the tree this Christmas. In Queens, New York, this sweet 11-year-old wanted to try to help less fortunate children in the Astoria area. While she was cleaning her room, Trinity Sanchez went through all of her toys and the ones she no longer played with, she placed in a bag to be put under a tree in Astoria Park. Many of the toys were brand New and still in the box according to her father. Triniy’a dad also said that this was not the first time his daughter had given to others who were less fortunate than herself. Sam Tabar is certainly pretty impressed.


To give a helping hand, Mr. Sanchez posted on People of Astoria’s Facebook page in an effort to spread community awarenesss. As of Christmas Eve, the bag was still there with toys wrapped up to protect them from the rain.

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