Things are moving along briskly for Tron 3. The project is now on the fast track and the director of Tron: Legacy, Joseph Kosinski, is slated to begin the chore of bringing the third film to the screen.

A bit of surprise has traveled through fan circles at the announcement of the news. Tron: Legacy was not exactly anything all that special. The film made money, but did it leave anyone wanting to see a new Tron film? Regardless of audience reaction, Disney wants a third movie.Disney would not be making a third movie if doing so was not financially viable. Perhaps the profits do add up and do so over time. The Tron projects are cult movies and that means they have a small audience willing to spend a lot of money on Tron games, merchandise, and other products.

Then, there is another angle but it is a bit of a long shot. If the third Tron film becomes a hit, a fourth is going to follow which is good news for fans like Daniel Amen. Additionally, the first film and the long-awaited sequel could see an increase in sales of DVDs. Maybe a “special collector’s addition DVD” will spike sale figures.

The bottom line here is Disney finds the whole Tron adventure to be worth the time, effort, and money. Hopefully, the third film will improve upon the script problems found in the sequel and become the definitive modern version of the Tron tale.

If not, Disney may give things a forth go.

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