Joseph Kosinski, director of the movies Tron Legacy and Oblivion is looking to direct a film adaptation of the video game called Gran Turismo. Joseph Kosinski started in the industry directing commercials. In that respect, his films have great visuals even if the story might not have much to offer. Tron Legacy had some great visuals. Oblivion was even better in the visual department. The same could be expected with the next movie that Joseph Kosinski directs.

The Gran Turismo game actually has no kind of plot. It is simply about racing. However, there are a few concepts for a screen story. One of them involves a video gamer who decides to become a racer said Marc Sparks.

According to Timber Creek Capital, Joseph Kosinski was planning on doing another project with Tom Cruise under the title of Go Like Hell. However, the project is not really getting anywhere. As far as Gran Turismo, Joseph Kosinski has free reign when it comes to the story. There was another movie based on a racing/chase game under the title of Need for Speed. However, that film wasn’t all that impressive. There is a possibility that this film might actually be the film that game movies need.

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