Anxious fans of Tupac will have to wait a little longer. The John Singleton directed bio is on hold for a little bit longer. Singleton recently stated that he had no plans go further right now. They are still working things out.

There is a lot of talk about the biography film as seen on, but this just creates a lot of extra pressure. Singleton wants to have the right key players in place before the film goes on. There is the N.W.A. file that will be coming out soon. There is also talk about a Michael Jackson film. All of these entertainment bio pics are getting a lot of fans in great anticipation. Artists like Tupac had such an intense personality. It would be difficult to find the person that has the right look for this role. Singleton said that he wasn’t going to do anything that would ruin the legacy that Shakur created. That is why the project seems to be at a standstill.

Singleton is best known for the west coast “Boyz N Da Hood” film that became an urban classic. He has directed other movies, but the Tupac biography may be his biggest thing since his debut film. There are other films in the making about Tupac so Singleton may need to make some executive decisions. If he waits too long other films may kill the anticipation behind John Singleton’s work.

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