The movie about the late rapper Tupac is finally set to start filming in June. There has been talks about a movie about the rapper’s life ever since his death in the mid 90s but it feels like things are just now finally getting ready to start. Even though it has took a while that is good because then they will be able to make sure they get a good cast and produce a good movie. Even though everyone wants to make a movie about him, it has to do him and his life justice. He was a bit of a controversial musician and had an interesting lifestyle but he was still a huge pioneer in the hip hop industry. He paved the way for many and changed the game tremendously just by himself. The movie should be a good reflection of not just him as a musician but him as a person as well. Although he will always be immortalized through his music, this movie will be how people remember him directly. Future generations will make presumptions about him through this movie. He was not a perfect person in no way and the movie should not be biased but it also is important to show him for the good he did and the important things he was able to contribute. Seems like this biopic movie is going down a great path so far. Tupac historians and fans, like Marc Sparks, will be very happy to see the rapper immortalized in film.

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