Everyone knows that flying in an airplane these days is just risky. However, the lay overs are a part of the journey that most people take in strides. However, when an airline had to detour its flight into Canada and the passengers of the United flight had to sleep in military barracks, it might make the most avid flyer take a bus.

It is interesting to note that the staff did receive luxury hotel accommodations, while Bloomberg suggests the passengers were stuck inside the military camp for more than 20 hours. Complaints were that it was too cold and there was no food and little water to split for the entire flight. When disgruntled passengers said that it wasn’t fair for the crew to get such accommodations when they were being treated to awful service, they were told that they could sleep when the plane got back in the air. The crew had to have their rest to be able to fly the plane.

The flight was from Chicago’s airport to London, England. However, when mechanical failures forced the plane to land in Goose bay in Canada, no one was happy. Thankfully the passengers all made it to London after 2 days of pure torture. It was unlike anything ever heard of before. Most airlines will spring for hotels, but since the rural part of Canada didn’t have accommodations for so many people, the barracks were the next best thing.

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