USHEALTH Group, Inc., offers top-notch health care services and insurance covers through its subsidiaries; one is called the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, and the other is National Foundation Life Insurance Company. The group aspires to be the number one trusted health care choice in America.


USHEALTH Group is dedicated to fulfilling its mission by providing insurance solutions for individuals, families as well as small and middle business owners and their staff. Its insurance covers include Life, Accident, Disability, and Specified Disease/Sickness. To date, the group has offered its innovative and individually tailored products to over 15 million customers – for over 50 collective years.


USHEALTH Group Products and Insurance Plans


For its Accident and Specified Disease/Sickness plans, USHEALTH Group believes that customers have different service needs. Therefore, it has tailored its plans to include an array of options from which customers can select the best plan that applies to their financial situation. This makes the group uniquely qualified to meet the needs of individual clients and offer them flexible, reliable, and affordable plans.


Customers with a limited health insurance budget are also catered for by the company thanks to its extensive portfolio of products with first dollar benefits and substantial network discounts. One may opt to get a more affordable plan if they cannot afford comprehensive coverage.


USHEALTH Group’s full line of products includes Critical Illness, Income Protector, Accident, Disability Income, Term Life Insurance, Dental, Vision Plans, Specified Disease/Sickness, and Short-Term Accident Disability Income. The group remains committed to delivering on its promise of providing dependable and affordable products.


USHEALTH Group of Consultants


USHEALTH Group with its family of companies guarantees its customers unique purchasing skills through guidance by qualified and trustworthy advisors. Nonetheless, the advisors are required to meet precise product training and certification standards before being authorized to represent the group.


The dedication to individual customer attention has made USHEALTH Advisors an acknowledged global company when it comes to entrepreneurial development, customer care, and innovation. Furthermore, many individuals and families are consulting USHEALTH Advisors and USHEALTH Group on a daily basis to satisfy their queries and meet their insurance needs.

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