USHEALTH Group, located in Fort Worth Texas, is a family of companies that are committed to offering affordable, innovative, and personalized insurance covers. Through the National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company USHEALTH provides accidents and disability, life, and specified illnesses insurance solutions for families, small enterprise owners, and their staff and individuals.

For more than 50 years, USHEALTH group has catered to over 15 million customers. The Group’s goal is to understand the unique needs of clients and provide services aligned with the needs. USHEALTH Group offers a variety of insurance solutions to cater for all customers. The product offerings by the group allow customers to select the products that can accommodate their immediate needs. Using innovative product development mechanisms, USHEALTH provides flexible, reliable, and affordable covers.

At USHEALTH family group insurance, your budget is not a constraint but a factor that can help you select the insurance option you can comfortably service. Quit worrying about high annual deductibles and subscribe to the other options that offer first dollar gains for the services covered and an array of discounts. These kinds of plans are not only affordable but provide assurance and first dollar protection.

In case your immediate objective is to have a plan that is comprehensive, custom made, and allows cost sharing, you can check out the USHEALTH accident and specified diseases plans. The group and family options guarantee full coverage without further underwriting. You can also buy the Optional Guaranteed Short-Term rider for USHEALTH group and family insurance that enables you to access a short-term medical-surgical expense plan. The USHEALTH family insurance allows you to enroll in a health plan all through the year.

Regardless of the coverage you prefer, USHEALTH ensures you enhance the level of protection through the ancillary products such as income protector, dental plans, short term accident disability income, vision plans, accidents and defined sicknesses. USHEALTH purposes to be your trusted relationship partner throughout your life journey by regularly fulfilling its promises to you.

Through the network of USHEALTH Advisors, you will receive detailed product advice and constant attention. The teams of advisors are well trained and have the necessary certifications. Their dedication to excellent customer experience has made the group a renowned global leader in innovation, customer service, and business growth.

Two principles guide service delivery at the USHEALTH group, each client is unique, and there is no standard approach to attending to the customers. It is no wonder the that the Better Business Bureau assigned an A+ rating to USHEALTH. Plus, the group made the list of the Top 50 North American Call Centers on 2013. If you need to file a claim, USHEALTH will work round the clock to ensure you get on time.

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