Visual effects have been used in films for decades, though they have been vastly improved since their start. Slowly they started their leak into the music industry as well, the greatest amount used recently in the Billboard Music Awards in 2014 which brought Michael Jackson back to life for a live performance. Visual effects are anything but easy, even when they first began making their way into film as a normal occurrence. Now, computers play a major role in creating the special effects seen in action and horror movies. Even independent film makes have access to the technology, so you’ll see more and more aspiring filmmakers using their own self-made visual effects.

Most visual effects are done after the raw filming is finished and cut back into the already complete film. Although everything is carefully planned out before filming begins so that the process is simplified and the movie can make it out by its planned deadline. There are roughly four categories most effects can be grouped into; matte painting and stills, live action using green screens or blue screens, digital animation and digital effects like CGI. Many directors choose to use a variety of these types of effects to create a cinematic masterpiece for the public.

A wonderful example of the greatness that can come from visual effects done correctly is the Michael Jackson concert performed at the Billboard Music Awards. Pulse Executive Chairman John Textor watched the magic happen when the Jackson effect was created, claiming it was not a holograph but and illusion. Textor has been a well known name in the visual effects circle for years, having gotten his degree in 1987 and starting two entertainment companies in the 90s. In 2006 he became the CEO of Digital Domain whom are responsible for providing great visual effects to feature films like Transforms, Tron: Legacy, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At world’s end. Along with recreating Michael Jackson he has done the same imagery for Coachella where he recreated Tupak Shakur, and has also made illusions of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

Visual effects provide the public with eye opening entrainment, jaw dropping explosions and terrifying ghosts and demons for a great Halloween movie night. It’s creation has brought legends back to life, even for just one night. As more artists come into the field, more dreams and fantasy worlds are able to be brought to life.

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