It wasn’t that long ago that DC had a lock on the comic book movie world. That all changed when Michael Keaton left the Batman franchise, which then dissolved into a world of pratfalls and spit takes. Marvel swept in and conquered the film world with its X-Men and Spiderman films. Though DC eventually bounced back with a new Batman series, Marvel jumped ahead with Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers and other films. Warner Bros. recently announced that it would release a number of DC films that would compete with the upcoming Marvel releases.

Though DC has nothing in the works for 2015, it does have the much anticipated Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice set for release in 2016.  Wonder Woman will star in her own movie in 2017, and Warner plans to follow that up with its Justice League film. In addition to Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, the film will likely feature Flash and Aquaman on the timeline, among others.

While Superman received his own film and Wonder Woman will receive one before Justice League, both Aquaman and Flash will receive their own standalone films later. Set for release in 2018, those films likely follow the events of the Justice League film and lead up to the story told in its sequel. Warner has plans for several other films in the DC Universe that will land in theaters from now through the end of 2020, making it clear that it wants to compete with Marvel.

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  1. Neil Sanders on March 31, 2017 at 12:04 am said:

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