No health professional celebrates success without due achievements. So, what’s the greatest asset any model health practitioner needs to survive the industry? Health industry executive Brian Torchin highlighted knowledge and experience as the two most invaluable assets. What’s, even more, phenomenal is the Brian Torchin knows how to wield his genius ideas. He’s thirty-four years into the health care business. He practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he manages a recruitment consultancy, namely HCRC (Healthcare Recruitment Counselors) Staffing. He’s also the group’s appointed president. The HCRC Staffing team extends a statewide program that connects health professionals and potential employers.

Torchin plays a pivotal role in recruiting the industry’s best chiropractors. Patients facing chronic back pain problems having experienced serious injuries resulting in spinal misalignments need expert treatment and care after diagnosis. As a licensed DC (doctor of chiropractic) procedures, Torchin has a comprehensive background treating auto accident/sports injuries, chronic shoulder/back/neck pain and sciatica. His private practice ranks well among the industry’s top-grossing organizations that do medical staffing services across U.S. states. In fact, HCRC Staffing covers all fifty states. Currently, Torchin earned graduate degrees in physical therapy, chiropractic care, and medicine.

The UD (University of Delaware) graduate succeeded in all areas of practice. Additionally, his consulting business, HCRC Staffing manages the largest client portfolio. What’s the company’s mission? It establishes long-term partnerships with those it serves, providing excellent medical staffing solutions. HCRC explores dynamic marketing strategies, all of which Torchin masterminded with the aim of improving quality medical care. Staff turnover is an ongoing crisis the healthcare sector continues to address. HCRC Staffing intervenes to aid medical centers, hospitals and organizations statewide.

Interestingly, Brian Torchin and his team at HCRC Staffing promises turnaround within 72 hours. Dr. Torchin focuses on providing statewide searches and individualized career counseling services for physicians. Additionally, he matches healthcare employers and potential candidates seeking job placement. He’s particularly interested in working with PR representatives, urgent care professionals, nurse practitioners, office managers, physician assistants, medical doctors, physical therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, and dentists.

In recent years, he’s published numerous pieces sharing meaningful tips with today’s multifaceted health care sector. By and by, Torchin has observed the lack of expertise put into medical care, and professionals failing to secure advantageous job opportunities. In this light, he established HCRC Staffing. With his superior knowledge and expertise as a medical industry executive, especially in the recruitment field, he commits time to help enhance the experience. He exercises the best practices in taking a detailed-oriented, ethical, direct, consultative, expedient approach to hiring. In addition, Torchin works with clients in Australia, Europe, Canada and Asia.  Brian tweets from the company’s official account too.

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