Peter Jackson is one of the most revered and respected filmmakers all time for his revolutionary work on the initial ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. Adapting such an important fantasy story and turning it into over nine hours of on screen entertainment had to be difficult, especially for a director who at the time was quite fresh on the scene. The Trilogy came out to rousing success, making stars of men like Viggo Mortenson and Sean Bean. So when Jackson decided to go back to Tolkien’s world via an adaptation of ‘The Hobbit’, we were appropriately excited. Yet after seeing the entire trilogy in its duration, we can’t say that Jackson did it right.

The biggest issue that comes up when discussing ‘The Hobbit’ is the fact that it lacks the organic reality that gave ‘Lord of the Rings’ such a unique feeling. The Hobbit instead opted for tons of computer usage and it the decision was heavily criticized, despite the defense of star Richard Armitage. But the use of CGI wasn’t the only place that the films really failed to pull in fans of the lore and fans of Jackson’s prior work.

The failure that we felt most deeply was that the new trilogy lacked the heart of the old one. When Aragorn leans of Boromir after the breaking of the fellowship, we can feel their anguish. Outside of a few moments between Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage, there isn’t that same depth in ‘The Hobbit’ people are used to discussing on Yahoo.

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