White Shark Media is one of the rapidly growing digital agencies in North America. The rapid growth of the company is due to the provision of engineered affordable Search Marketing campaigns and provision of excellent customer experience. Provision of tailored market solutions for small sized business has enabled the company to reach and transform many small businesses. Besides, the company has been carrying out a follow up on all its clients, a factor that has makes the firm successful.


The company utilizes technologies such as keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics integration, proprietary reporting software, and competitive intelligence. With this technology, the company can provide world-class services and be accountable to their clients monthly.


The successful market penetration is also as a result of combining of talented international and domestic workforce that has steered the company to greater heights. With over 150 employees in the three operational countries, the firm can track all it clients to guarantee their customers success in their ventures.


Dedication, experience, and creativity of the employees have enabled the company to grow rapidly in a very competitive market. In securing success, the company assigns a team of three distinguished marketing experts to a customer. By so doing, the client is guaranteed of outstanding consumer experience, fast responsiveness to emails and phone calls and frequent progress monitoring and reporting.




White Shark Media was founded in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs who had extensive know-how in offline and online marketing. The three entrepreneurs had a goal to surmount the growing SBM market in Latin America and the US. With the aim to deliver outstanding product and services, the firm has to date excelled in online marketing.




White Shark Media was in 2014 honored by Google for meeting Google stringent eligibility and training requirements. Due to this achievement, the firm was awarded Google AdWords, a credit that has been given to only 28 other companies. Clearly, this shows the devotion of the enterprise in service delivery. Besides, the firm was also recognized by Microsoft for its proven excellence in marketing campaigns for smallholder businesses.


White Shark Media Future


The company is devoted to ensuring the success for their clients. They have laid plans to develop innovations that are affordable and customized to guarantee the excellence of small and medium sized businesses. Besides, the firm is planning to develop transparent and flat fee marketing solutions without contracts. Additionally, the company is dedicated to making partnerships with other focused organizations to ensure better service delivery.

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