Envoy is one of those companies that looked for automating the whole registration process. And they found it in a company called Onelogin. Envoy took care of several tasks such as visitor registration and badges, employee login, notifications with one fell swoop. Now, thanks to technology brought about by OneLogin, they are able to take advantage of SCIM protocol and do all these tasks using an iPad. Another thing this takes care of is Single Sign On and user provisioning. This means whenever an employee is registered, fields such as names addresses and any other relevant info gets automatically filled.

This takes away a big headache for the IT support staff, because whenever an employee gets moved around, letting them sign in to a new computer in much easier. Employee info will also stay up to date at all times. From a customer standpoint, this means that information will always be up to date. This enhances their visiting experience because out dated information becomes a thing of the past. As an added bonus, employees can send out invites to customers, and as soon as the customer enters the premises and signs on, the employee will get notified. And as mentioned before, all that the customers need to do is tap a few buttons to sign in.

Started by former IT employees Christian and Thomas Pedersen, OneLogin takes the IAM or Identity Access Management to whole new level. While working at their former job, they noticed that the software they were using for access management were giving customers and employees issues. These were mostly security and efficiency related. This happened when the service was changed to be cloud based. This is how in a nut shell, the brothers decided to start their own company in 2009.

One of the trump cards of this service is ease of implementation and use. Even for those who have minimal experience with Single Sign On, have found it easy to get things going. This seamless transition is perhaps its biggest appeal. This is why many Fortune 100 and 500 companies have signed on to OneLogin.

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  1. Paislee Jaxen on November 9, 2017 at 3:56 pm said:

    No doubt this is a very good service offered by OneLogin. This indeed has reduced so much work that would have been done by the IT department. However, bestessays has it that employees are now able to sign in with ease as they information are always up to date.

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