ALIEN 5 is a reality and movie and sci-fi geeks, seriously Fersen Lambranho– are really enthralled. The new film is likely going to take up right after ALIENS and director Neill Blomkamp has a lot of bold ideas in mind for the new film. The legendary star of the series, Sigourney Weaver, has said there is going to be a lot of new ground broke in this new installment.

Is there an ALIEN 5 script already written for the film? The answer to that is “doubtful”. 20th Century Fox only officially confirmed the new film was in development with Blomkamp at the helm. Right now, he is only presenting his ideas for the new film and the actual screenplay is still in the working stages. How far into the writing process the script has gone is something we just don’t know. Weaver knows something or else she would not be talking the new film up. Then again, would she really say anything less than positive about the film?

You never know. Weaver was involved with a controversy over receiving profits from ALIEN. Those issues were squared away and she did return to her role as Ripley. ($5 million was her price tag for ALIEN 3, a small salary by today’s standards)

“Breaking new ground” is what is promised in the new ALIEN feature. Let us hope that bold claim comes true. Bringing the ALIEN saga to new territory could be a great audience pleaser.

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