Worldwide we are watching as this remarkable and completely unbelievable story unfolds before our eyes. The 77 year old actor/comedian that became the pseudo-father to millions as they watched Cliff Huxtable raise his brood of children.

Now amid allegations that this patriarch of all comedy television families has assaulted possibly more than a dozen women over a course of decades. Accusations such as this are difficult to believe when it is the neighbor next door, but to think that Bill Cosby is the one that all fingers are pointing at seems unspeakable, especially to long time fans like Darius Fisher.

Just as Stephen Collins has done in recent weeks we are seeing that Mr. Cosby is also keeping quiet on the matters. The comedian seems to be staying mum so he does not dignify these horrid allegations with a response.

Articles such as are on National Post inform readers of the public appearances that have been cancelled as Mr. Cosby’s team work to combat the problem.

Will he be proven innocent or guilty remains to be seen as this report continues through the learning stages? Bill Cosby has been a household name for many decades making the accusations even more difficult for any possible victims.

One Thought on “Will King of Comedy Be Dethroned? Bill Cosby Rape Allegations

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