Charles Koch, an American billionaire and businessman, met with F.T. with an interview in support of his new book. He told of the $400 million raised through their donor network to support Mitt Romney, but lost to Barack Obama. Charles Koch redoubled his efforts in order not to have the same results in this new presidential election.

2016 began this year’s election cycle, the Koch brothers and their allies have banded together by pledging to raise nearly $900 million to elect Republicans. It will be to whoever ends up facing Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the general election.

As it seems not to be working out because the other members of the Republican party, such as Donald Trump. They misjudged Mr. Trump who was never considered a serious player. Charles Koch doesn’t agree with his politics on taxes, foreign policy and trade. With a conflict of interest between Koch and Trump, they left Trump off their invite list for the August donor summit. However, there were five of his opponents from the Republican party.

It is this election cycle that was to be the fulfillment of their mission to get a Republican in the White House. The millions they have invested could be at risk. It is a question that if the Kochs begin to engage Hillary or Bernie, or do they wage war on Trump.

Charles Koch opted out from engaging in the primaries because they couldn’t find a single candidate who encapsulated their views. They considered taking a portion of the funds to target Trump, even if it meant losing a few of their members who support Trump. The Koch officials are waiting to see how the early primaries end.

If Trump prevails in New Hampshire polls, the Koch brothers are likely to launch an offensive before the nomination gains momentum. A meeting with the Kochs and several hundred of their allies discussed Trump and how to halt his progression.

Trump’s vulnerabilities were carefully assessed and those of the other candidates. They discussed highlighting his track record of bankruptcies and predatory business deals. The Democrats deployed a similar successful strategy, against Romney’s vulture capitalism. It has not been determined as if Kochs would do something on that order, but have seriously discussed it in all their meetings.

If decided to go after Trump, the Koch brothers know he will respond with his excuse of being attacked by billionaires seeking to control of the outcome of the election. Trump would say he is an outsider who is trying to battle a corrupt political system.

It is uncertain if the Kochs and their allies will take on Trump before it’s too late.

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