Nick Vertucci is one of the most prominent real estate investors in the country. He operates an online class for people who want to learn the basics of real estate investing. Some people are worried about losing money when investing.

Nick Vertucci tries to teach people basic principles about investing. The people who have the most success as investors are people who stay consistent and focused.

Early Career

Instead of going to college, Nick Vertucci immediately started working in the real estate industry. He wanted to sell real estate to his clients. He enjoyed working with prospective buyers and sellers. After a few years, he started to get bored with the process. He built a real estate company designed to help other people with investing.

Best Tips

Nick Vertucci produces videos with numerous tips for investors. One of the great things about his videos is the simplicity of his advice. He firmly believes that the best investors are people who consistently follow simple advice. He gives tips on how to find a property that is not currently on the market. Looking for this type of property is a proven way to find a discount on a home.

Nick also recommends that people utilize private investors to help with the financing process. Some people struggle to develop a financing plan based on their current financial situation. Investors tend to borrow too much money when starting out. Instead of utilizing a bank loan, private investors can be an excellent way to get additional capital.

Growing His Audience

Nick Vertucci is active on social media and tries to build his audience as much as possible. Many people enjoy listening to his videos and his advice. Anyone who wants to learn about real estate should consider listening to his advice.

The RealReal is an online based authenticated luxury consignment store that was founded by e-commerce entrepreneur Julie Wainwright back in 2011. The store functions as a type of thrift store that sells secondhand designer clothing and accessories online at hugely discounted prices. The process to get started is quite simple, just go to the store website and signup up with your email or social media account information. You will then be asked if you want to sign up as a consignor in order to get rid of unwanted apparel or if you just want to browse the vast collection of gently used goods.

Those that decide to become a consignor for The RealReal simply have to ship their items (free of charge) to the company’s warehouse located in New Jersey and wait for their items to sell. Once the sale is complete, The RealReal takes a percentage of the profit for their service and the consignor gets the rest of the earnings. Anyone that has 10 items or more to sell gets access to the VIP White Glove service. This service involves The RealReal sending a luxury manager directly to your home to pick up your goods and ship them for you.

Recently, The RealReal has begun expanding their company by establishing an offline presence through the utilization of traditional brick and mortar business. They have made use of the pop-up store trend (stores that are open for a short period of time) which has increased their sales in areas like San Francisco, California up to 500%. With the early success of the pop-up store strategy, The RealReal decided to open its first permanent store in New York City. During an interview with Allison Sommer, the director of marketing for The RealReal, she explained the importance of a traditional brick and mortar presence in the retail business by saying,“Stores help to legitimize your brand and give [online brands like ours] a street-level presence”.

With a continual flow of funding and top-notch leadership, The RealReal has primed itself to experience another major growth spurt in 2018. Be on the lookout for a local pop-up to open soon in a city near you.

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Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and chief executive officer of multinational food processing company OSI Group. With over forty-three years’ experience in the food processing industry, Mr. Lavin is an able manager and a shrewd leader who has led the company to unparalleled growth during his tenure at the helm of the OSI Group. Suffice to say, his entry into the food processing industry was more by accident than by design. Mr. Lavin joined the OSI Group reluctantly, having built a successful and comfortable career as an investor and executive banker. So prolific was he in this line of work that he had already started his firm through which he helped other invest their wealth.

Sheldon Lavin’s entry into the food industry happened in 1970 when he helped the Otto & Sons company secure funding to build a meat processing plant. The Otto & Sons were the company which preceded the OSI Group. They had hoped to gain financing to open meat a processing plant which would make them the leading meat suppliers for the McDonald Corporation in the Mid-West. As the person that helped this relatively small company to secure the said funding through his firm, the bank insisted that he join the group as a partner. He was initially reluctant to agree to the idea, seeing that food processing was not his area of expertise. However, he figured that taking up a partnership position would help secure his investment and give more decision making power to ensure that the company was headed in the right direction.

Since he took over at the helm, Mr. Lavin has been able to transform the OSI Group from a small burger supplier whose only client was McDonalds, into a global supplier of food products working with food service and retail brands. The company employs over 20,000 people globally. Sheldon Lavin is most proud of the culture that the company has cultivated in all its employees which has been partly responsible for the success of the past few years. The family-oriented corporate culture has ensured little turnover, with most employees staying with the company for long and advancing organizational goals.

Under his stewardship, the OSI Group has grown into a multinational food processing company with presence in over 22 countries around the world. Further, it has been on a protracted growth trajectory that has seen it acquire some of the major players in the Chinese, Indian and Dutch food industry to claim a significant stake in each of those markets.

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Finally, there is a personalized nutrition and supplement company that understands the concept of individualized and holistic service. The nutritional needs and desires of one person may not meet the needs of the next. IDLife is leading the way in providing consumers with person-specific nutritional products. Customers can take an easy assessment survey by logging onto this fantastic company’s website. The results enable customers to look for and purchase the exact nutritional products that their own bodies need. This individualized marketing strategy allows consumers a far better shopping experience. Instead of wasting money on products not suited for unique issues, consumers can purchase only the products designed to let them achieve their healthiest status.

Taking care of yourself is so important in today’s hurry-up and often stressful environment. Many people are unaware of how detrimental vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be. With these deficiencies, people are prone to fatigue, mood shifts including anxiety and depression, body aches, unhealthy weight, low concentration, stomach ailments and so on. Without the proper nutrients, skin becomes dry and less attractive. People may notice dark circles under their eyes, and hair may appear lackluster and more prone to breakage. Keeping up with your nutritional health is extremely critical to maintaining overall good health.

IDLife has a three-step format that is easy to follow. Many people forget to eat breakfast in the morning. A nutritious breakfast jump-starts your body by providing the necessary fuel necessary for maintaining healthy body function. With IDLife’s step one, a person drinks a protein-enriched shake for breakfast. People love the taste, and the convenience of being able to drink and go is a terrific perk. In step two, individuals mix their refreshing IDLife Hydrate chalk-full of nutritional benefits. This drink is designed to replenish nutrients and restore the electrolyte balance. Having a glass of Hydrate in the afternoon, can ward off or fix dehydration. Step three is completed after dinner. Take your personalized evening vitamin package. Thirty minutes before bedtime, take a sleep-boosting IDLife sleep strip and wake up feeling replenished and energetic. All ages, even kids, benefit with IDLife.

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According to the news release, the government of Brazil can solve the basic sanitation issues through concessions, which also determine the partnership agreement with private firms. Through the partnership, basic sanitation services will experience improvements in various areas such as structural, management, and access to the resource. Also, ninety percent of the basic sanitation services are managed by the public power. Seventy percent of the users received the services from government organizations. Therefore, the presence of private support should not be one of the reasons for excluding public organizations. After all, private and public organizations can produce positive results if they agree to work in a complementary manner.

According to the president of Trata Brasil, government agencies have a good experience, and they can leverage on that while forming a partnership with private firms. Edson also explains that BNDES, which is a private organization will develop adapted action plans for the Brazilian states it serves. For that reason, it will be easy for the bank to adopt the project that meets the needs of every state. Water wastage is one of the factors that affect the financial flow of state-owned companies that participate in the water sector. Felipe Montoro Jens also emphasizes that it is not possible to receive quality services while the state is experiencing high water wastage. This problem can be solved by forming an ally with private organizations. They have good resources that will help with the mission of preventing water wastage.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens possesses financial expertise when it comes to privatization, business partnership, and financial world in general. He has also written several articles and research about investment and consensus issues that can be solved through partnership.

As a financial expert, Felipe Jens worked for Energizer Captacao S.A, an organization that promoted him to the top management position. His position as the CEO took Energizer Captacao S.A to the next level of the corporate world. Felipe Montoro Jens also worked as one of the Executive Directors at Santo Antonio Energia.

Marc Sparks is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to business. He is also a philanthropist and a venture capitalist. When talking about success, Marc Sparks knows that it’s not a matter of luck. Instead, Marc Spark says that one has to work hard and beyond that, don’t despise the people below you. This is why he has embarked on a mission of helping those wishing to succeed through guidance and mentorship. To ensure that his advice reaches everyone around the globe, Marc Sparks has written a book called They Can’t Eat You. Through this book, he uses his story as an example of how people can succeed in life despite failing in school. This book was written is 2014, and it’s still available on Amazon. As earlier mentioned, Marc Sparks does not believe in keeping all the money he makes for himself. He donates some of this money to the less fortunate. Learn more:


According to the man himself, Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur. The term is used to describe someone who has started many businesses. He is known to specialize with telecommunications, but this does not hinder him from starting businesses in other fields. Some of his most notable businesses in telecommunication include Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless as well as Splash Media. Marc Sparks currently lives in Dallas, Texas together with his wife and one daughter. Marc Sparks has a ranch in rural Texas and can be found on this property when not working. Learn more:


When it comes to philanthropy, Marc Sparks has been involved with a homeless shelter from Dallas since the early 1980s. The homeless shelter is called the Samaritan Inn. Marc Sparks says that he has realized that whoever gives get. He even jokes that it’s a scientific fact. He is also involved with another venture called Habitat for Humanity ( Through this venture, he has managed to build homes for the homeless in the United States. Finally, Marc Sparks is involved with another venture called the American Can Foundation. This is a foundation that focuses on educating children from poor backgrounds by providing them books and other learning materials.

Right from the middle of his living room, Greg Secker set out to change the world through foreign exchange education. In a recent interview, Greg gave his followers tips on how to be relevant in the present times. With an ‘I am not a why guy’ Philosophy, Greg Secker has always advocated for saying yes to challenges and tasks presented to you then moving to inspect and execute along the way.

To date, Greg Secker has been able to share his knowledge and passion in forex trading over 6000 times in local and international stages. This passion bore fruit to the Greg Secker Foundation which was initially established to for the purpose of youth empowerment. Greg believes in providing youth with the necessary information and knowledge that will enable them to carve the path for their future while they are still young.

Presently, the foundation is concentrating on assisting the victims of the Philippines ‘Typhoon Haiyan’ to rebuild their homes and start afresh. Through this venture, the Greg Secker Foundation seeks to educate, empower and give these people new skills that will help them sustain themselves in the time to come. Greg anticipates that this new project will lay the foundation for a viable model that will go through myriads of generations.

Greg Secker is also determined to advocate for the integration of philanthropy to thriving businesses and entrepreneurs day to day operations. As a recently named participant of the Board of Ambassadors, he has gained leverage to keep the city in light of upcoming causes that need attention.

A Glance at Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a prolific philanthropist, speaker and astute entrepreneur who is based in the UK. Through the years, Greg has been able to garner recognition owing to his successful practices particularly in his philanthropic and entrepreneurial ventures. He is a globally acclaimed foreign exchange expert who has been able to go above the fray by executing trading strategies that actually work. Greg Secker is the incumbent owner of Learn to trade, Smart Charts Software, and Capital Index.

He set off his career once he graduated from the University of Nottingham where he was pursuing a degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences. Greg is also an ardent and highly revered writer with publications like Trading Your Way To Success and Financial Freedom Through Forex under his name.

Among the common types of people that work are those that are content with the work they are doing, those that want to climb up the ladder, and those that are a combination of both. Susan McGalla happens to be the combination of both. While she was always content doing the work that she was doing, she has always wanted to climb the ladder and make a successful name for herself. It has shown in the type of work that she has done. She did not believe that just because she was a woman, she had to just barely skate by and accept nothing but low level positions.


One thing that is common in any industry are people that do just what it takes to barely get by. Some people are content with that. However, they are also vulnerable to a lot of problems in the case that their work runs out. As a result, they have to act fast in order to get the type of job they need. At least when one climbs up the ladder, she will get the extra room for failure. Susan McGalla has chosen to move forward with her career choices. She has looked for the types of companies that she is passionate about and has decided that she wanted to hold a specific position. As a bonus, she had more room being a higher level worker.


Susan McGalla has shown that she does have the drive and the ambition. This is not because she just worked hard. She has also done a lot of research on what it would take to run a successful business. She has felt that she could be a leader. One of the reasons that she is a good leader is that she is always an example of what to do. She does not just bark orders. Susan also understands the importance of working smart and having a way to enjoy all of the results of her efforts. As a result, she has learned how to generate passive income for her efforts. This is one of the ways that she has achieved financial independence.


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James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He currently stays in Dallas, Texas. Dondero is experienced in credit and the equity markets that focus entirely on the high yielding and distressed investments.


Since it was started, Highland Capital Company has been leading in not only the collateralized loan obligation but also in the development of credit oriented solutions targeting the retail and institutional investors around the globe.


Dondero also executes his functions as the chair of CCS Medical, Cornerstone health care and Nexbank. He also serves as a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote.


Philanthropically, Dondero is actively involved in supporting various initiatives in education, public policy and veteran’s affairs. While working as the Chief Investment Officer, James Dondero assisted in the building of GIC subsidiary of the Protective Life.


Dondero started his work while working as an analyst in the training program of Morgan Guaranty. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he was able to graduate with the highest honors in accounting and finance. He is also a recognized management accountant, and he has been able to earn the privilege of using the chartered financial analyst designation.


According to PRNewswire, Dondero was recently appointed to be the member of the executive board of the Southern Methodist University in the Cox School of Business. Highland Capital Management has been showing a lot of commitment to the programs at the Southern Methodist University. Highland capital has been supporting the Tower Scholars, which is a program that was established to recognize and also to encourage the professional and academic pursuits in the public policy.


According to the PRNewswire, the Cox School found at the Southern Methodist University has been contributing to the vibrant business community located in Dallas. Dondero has been appreciating the honor of providing assistance to the various growth initiatives currently underway in Dallas.


The executive board of the Cox School of business is made up of 100 members who are appointed. Most of these members have a nonacademic background, and their primary role is to provide advice to the business school. The executive board members do meet three times in a year mainly in the fall, winter and also in the spring.