Quentin Tarantino is a generally popular filmmaker and has carved out quite swath in Hollywood, mainly due to his flair for homage filled exploitation excursions. However, he’s restated that he intends to firmly stick to something he’s been saying for sometime in a recent interview he did on screenrant (which you can view here – http://screenrant.com/quentin-tarantino-hateful-eight-script-retirement/). And that is that he intends to retire after his tenth production. So why is this bad news (or good news depending on your view of the directors body of work)? Well, his most recent film will be the Hateful Eight – and it’s to be his eighth film which means only two more to go.

While many actors and directors parrot this line about retiring at the peak of their success they rarely stick to it and use the move for publicity. This trend Brian Torchin tells us, is combined with the fact that the director has been consistently saying the same thing over and over for sometime lends many to believe he’ll stick to his guns and really retire once he hits ten completed films. Regardless, that’s stick quite a sweet note to end on, even if you dislike him.

His most recent outing will be, as mentioned above, a film titled the Hateful Eight which will be filmed in largely the same location and center on eight rather disreputable and unsavory characters. Tarantino has stated that they are all bad guys and there will be no primary protagonist.

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